Whether you want it or not

Mandatory matrimony

If you've lived together for just a year -- surprise!

The fight for the "right" to gay marriage had already
robbed us of the right not to be married



You may be coupled in the eyes of the law -- even if you don't know it. And even if you don't want to be. Court rulings that "won" same-sex spousal status have locked gay couples into automatic, involuntary common-law marriage, "equal" with heterosexuals -- and equally subject to invasion of their intimates lives by the tax man and the welfare police.

If you're suspected of getting it on as a "conjugal couple" -- you could get screwed. "But hey! We're just friends! She's just my roommate!" Can you prove it?

Gay marriage advocates ever going on about "Choice" have helped take away your choice to live in freedom. But I'll bet you didn't know that....



For more on involuntary common-law status, see:

Spouse  touting

Better  questions
And much better answers
The Law Commission of Canada's Beyond Conjugality

Paying  the price
Some of us paying more than others:
Demanding the same respectable rights;
willfully dismissing social wrongs

(A long, if ignored, exchange among members of Egale, linked to a 1999 news story:
"Low-income gays, lesbians will lose under tax changes")

Platitude:  attitude
Putting the Bullshit Detector to marriage mavens much-touted "Choice"

This  just in!
The latest damn details...
(Including some court rulings on common-law)




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