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Equality. Dignity. Choice. Words we ever hear in the Great Gay Marriage Debate. Are they considered concepts? Or what students of propaganda call "glittering generalities"? Thoughtful sense? Or cheap sentiment?

Miss ("I abhor cheap sentiment") Bette Davis -- and that incisive mental device known as a "Bullshit Detector" -- expose the atttiudes likely hiding behind the mask of platitude:

  • Equality -- as sameness.
    Even as Canadian law and the Charter of Rights recognize that treating all of us as if we were exactly the same can make some of us less than equal.

  • Dignity -- as My dignity! To hell with yours...
    Both "sides" in this so-called debate want the state to back their own beliefs. And to impose them on the rest of us. They may resort to religiosity -- but they lack true respect for freedom of conscience or religion.

  • Choice -- as just two choices. Or no choice.
    Marriage mavens would make you "free" to choose marital status -- or no legal status. Or to be locked up with no choice in the "common-law" status of involuntary matrimony.



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