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Beyond Conjugality

In January 2002 the Law Commission of Canada waded into the Great Gay Marriage Debate with a report, two years in the works, looking at the legal recognition, support, and regulation of close personal relationships between grown-ups with no kids.

They had not limited themselves to "Gay Marriage: Yes or No?" They asked a question broader and more fundamental: What role should the state play in the intimate lives of adults? Regardless of their sexual orientation. Or ever whether or not they're having sex.

Their answer? As minimal a role as possible. The state should stop trying to define our most meaningful personal connections. Even marriage. People in all kinds of relationships -- not just "marriage" or "conjugal coupledom" -- should be free to define our intimate lives for ourselves. And, of our own free will, to be recognized as partners in law.

Their ideas were revolutionary. Their report's title: Beyond Conjugality. That's way beyond "gay marriage." And beyond the Great Debate's pat answers. So the media, addicted to simplistic "Yes / No" issues, paid that report almost no attention.

Which likely means you've never heard of it. Or its truly liberatory ideas. Take a look.



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