Promiscuous Affections
A Life in The Bar, 1969-2000

Oral Sex

The Steps

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 "Passion will not be commanded. It is no genie to grant us three wishes when we let it loose. It commands us and very rarely in the way we would choose."

Jeanette Winterson, in The Passion, 1987

"attende / waiting ...
"2. There is a scenography of waiting: I organize it, manipulate it, cut out a portion of time in which I shall mime the loss of the love object and provoke all the effects of a minor mourning.
"3. Waiting is an enchantment: I have received orders not to move. ...
"5. 'Am I in love? -- Yes, since I am waiting.'"

Roland Barthes, in A Lover's Discourse / Fragments, 1977

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