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The very long & contentious career
of "Men loving boys loving men"

"A truly safe time to
publish an article like
'Men loving boys loving
men,' we knew, would
never come."

The Body Politic collective
February 1979

TBP 39

TBP 51



December 1977 / January 1978;
March / April 1979;
November 25,1995;
May 13, 2003...

 "Why brush your teeth in the morning? Why eat breakfast? Why say 'I love you'? Everything that's important you do over and over again.

"Certainly fighting against censorship is nothing that is ever going away. It will have to done every day of our lives if we are to protect the values we cherish."

Jane Rule, in Aerlyn Weissman & Lynne Fernie's film Fiction and Other Truths, 1994

"It can never be inherent in the structure of things to guarantee the exercise of freedom. The guarantee of freedom is freedom."

Michel Foucault, "Space, Knowledge, and Power," in The Foucault Reader, 1984


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