Promiscuous Affections
A Life in The Bar, 1969-2000

Going in every day
24 Duncan
How'rd Pope BP 39 No More Shit

52 Division

 "If we can't do what we want, we might as well work at Woolworth's."

Trish Beatty, on working with Toronto Dance Theatre, 1969

"We wanted to be famous, glamorous and rich. That is to say we wanted to be artists, and we knew that if we were famous and glamorous we could say we were artists and we would be. We did and we are. We are famous, glamorous artists."

A A Bronson, Felix Partz and Jorge Zontal (aka Michael Tims, Ron Gabe and Jorge Saia), on becoming General Idea, in the "Glamour Issue" of FILE, 1975

"We were doing exactly what we'd hope to be doing if we didn't
have to work for a living."

Chris Bearchell, on working with The Body Politic, 1981

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